Thursday, January 18, 2007

Top 10 WoW Exploits of All Time

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Welcome everyone to my new blog. This is, of course, my first ever blog.

Today I am going to bring you a giant list of tricks for World of Warcraft which other people will not. A lot of other sites attempt to make you 'purchase' these tricks, only leaving you ripped off for your money. Why bother paying for something which you could easily figure out for yourself?

I am now going to show you 6 of my favorite World Of Warcraft secrets that you would normally have to pay for on 'exploit' sites.

1. We have all seen the screenshots and we have all heard the stories of people doing it, but how does on fall through the world? It is quiet simple. This video will demonstrate

Video provided by Metacafe

2. How to avoid the Alliance and get into Dun Baldar... The back way.

3. Secret Location in the Arathi Highlands. (Credits to Chezbgrnparadice)

A. This is where you enter the water, just make sure that you land in the water when you jump off the bridge. if you don't there is a good shot that you could die from the fall.

B. At this point you enter "deep water" you will die if you do not hug the wall of the cliff. as long as you stay close to the wall you will be fine.

C. This is the Final destination

One of the cool things about this location is that when you talk to the farmer, he gives the same answers as if you were talking to a guard in khranos.

Here are a couple more screen shots.

There is another way to get there, just head south down the eastern coast of the hinterlands. although this could prove very difficult for lower level players.

4. Anonymous Mail

1. Create a new charcter
2. Send the mail!
3. Log out and delete the character lol.
4. When the recipient gets the mail it will be "from: unknown"...

5. How to get on top of Orgrimmar

6. Glowing Hands

If you want to make your hands glow permanently (only visible to yourself)

go grab some low level scrolls, eg. Scroll Of Agility II. Then drink an Agility

Potion that gives you more agility than the scroll would. What you do is

right-click on the scroll then right-click on yourself to use it while taking a

step forward at the same time. You will get an error message saying you

have a more powerful buff but your hands will remain glowing. Differen't

scrolls will give you differen't colors and you can use Fortitude and Spirit

buffs for the corresponding scrolls. It may take a few tries to get it but if

you fail it wont use up the scroll. Pretty cool looking and leaves a nice

little trail behind you.

7. How to get to the old Ironforge. I find it entertaining that Blizzard never delete any old content.

8. Get on top of Stormwind. Something a little different :).

9. The Hidden Airfield. Thanks for more useless stuff blizzard!

10. This is not really an exploit, but just something cool for you all to see. This is going to demonstrate the true power which GMs have in game.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my first post. I am extremely sorry if any of these no longer work. I do not endorse using these, I only post the guides as an interest for other players.


A. Schmidt said...

Right on. Im glad these were not "actual" exploits in the sense of "dupes" and speed hacks. I hate anyone that sploits in a MMO. If you really wanna cheat, then you can go buy any number of single player games. But this was a cool list. Old IF is a REALLY cool place, and leave it to Blizzard to leave it in the game for the hardcores to find. Grats bro, now you're gonna have to deal with all the fanboys who have nother better to say than "I say that a year ago, this is all old news". But take it with a grain of salt, because this is still a pretty cool list of "extras" regardless of how old they are.

Allfather Black said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting ... great flicks ... made me reminisce about all the time we spent in closed beta two years ago looking for things like that :) I agree with Schmidt, its a great list.

And the old IF ... ahh the memories of getting lost in that cavern, falling in the lava and dying, just finding the damn king for the first time :) Wish it had more of the old IF since that appears to just be the audience chamber for Magni.

charlie zinck said...

Heres one for you, sorry I don't have a video, but this does work I'v done it a couple times. To get inside the purple force field around Dalaran. If playing as a hunter have your pet active, run towards the field and when you get close STOP! If your pet runs past you into the field click the 'stay' button. If your pet is still in the field then use 'eyes of the beast' spell and you can now move around inside Dalaran. FYI there is nothing in there, its empty space.

chevas said...

What about Hyjal, getting into Hyjal? This one should be at the top.

choel said...

Mages can blink through that purple force field around Dalaran btw. It might only be in a special spot, but I've seen it done before

Eric said...

Fun stuff, wish this had came out a while ago so i could have done it then =) All i knew how to do was get to the Airport.

Does anyone know the server that was being ran in video #10? (if you do, please email me the link,

I have been wanting to run a WoW server at one of my school's LAN Parties to do whatever we wanted, but I couldn't find a server that would work :( Thx.

Brian said...

anyone happend to know the second song from the last video (#10)? also anyone else know what the song from the video that shows you how to get to old IF is? it's a funny and weird song.

Marc said...

Asking people to click Adsense ads is against Google's ToS. It will get you banned.

Mitch said...

I think it's "we be burnin'" by Sean Paul. Could be wrong

Tom said...

The last video is BS... it's just some model editing in game, and then video editing on top of it.

Proof is when he loots Thunderaan's corpse. Thunderaan doesn't actually drop Thunderfury, he drops the Dormant Wind Kissed blade.

Mike said...

The last video is BS... it's just some model editing in game, and then video editing on top of it.

Perhaps, but GMs do have the ability to move to any location in the world, create items, reset quests, and, of course, spawn and kill NPCs (and kill PCs, actually).

free ps3 said...

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Spitt said...

The all time best one was the teleport hack from rpg-exploiters. It allowed you to go anywhere and run as fast as you wanted.

There were some dupe bugs, all money hacks. In fact one of them still works ;)

As for the comment on exploiting an rpg versus an mmo, rpg's are easy. I was doing them at age 11. MMO's are a lot tougher, more challenging, and sometimes more rewarding. On the other hand, I have lost 11 WoW accounts. Up till the last 2 accounts, I didn't mind it so much. But those last 2 were clean, except I was using a tool to dual window, and it shows as a cheat to Blizzard :[

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Wow Zones By Level said...

Great findings, I bet there are a lot like these, we just have to find them.

However, most of these exploits are also on my "top" list.

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