Sunday, January 21, 2007

Top 10 Magic Trick Tutorial Videos

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1. The snap card. This tutorial demonstrates how to make a card selected by the audience appear on your hand instantly. Love this one.

2. The revolver. Performed and taught by a kid, but who cares? This trick makes each card in the deck turn over with a flick of the cards. Simply AMAZING.

3. *removed*

4. The Coin Matrix - Make coins transfer beneath cards. Simple, yet amazing.

5. The Drop Change - Throw a card onto a deck and it instantly changes into a different card. Great trick for a large audience.

6. Pen through a dollar coin - With a simple bit of modification you can perform this.

7. Spin Change - A card instantly changes to a different card while being spun around.

8. Glass through table - Amazingly simple yet effective trick where you force a glass through the table.

9. How to tear a phone book in half - Not so much magic, just damn cool.

10. Self tying shoe lace - Simple modification, amazing effect.

I hope you enjoy performing these tricks :).


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cnvanr said...

Great magics. Some I could figure out the secrets though.

Filip Lam said...

Great post. I gotta start practising.

Honesty said...

Wow. Magic Tricks on Digg Front page. Love it! For some more, here's the best place I've found:

John said...

Exposure anyone? I wonder how long this page will be allowed to stay up. I don't have a problem with revealing some of these tricks, many of them are kind of played, but the tricks like coin to can (aka: sinful) and the self tying shoelace are pretty bad. These are relatively new effects.

Pearce said...

Take notice: revealing magic tricks is only illegal if you use the name of the person who created the trick or you use the tricks name given by the person who created the trick. So there are only one or two videos that might get taken down by youTube. Other then that they are cool tricks.

Jason said...

Man, i wish i would have learned some of these when i was single...i guess i'll just have to use em to impress my kids friends. dugg!

Dan said...

Wow… congratulations on attempting to ruin magic. Do you not comprehend the purpose to the secrecy behind it? Don’t you get the point to having to pay for stuff? What is the point of this art if every layman knows what is going on? Clearly if you were a semi-decent magician, you would understand that what you are doing is retarded.

Nostromo said...

Dan. You are gay, please stfu.

agloco said...

ok im learning one of those right now just to amazed my friends. great post.

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Lestat said...

This pisses me off. Yes indeed some of these tricks are old and they've been seen before. But exposing tricks like the coin through the soda can, yes that is very recent and WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE!?

It's self-depricating to learn a magic trick and then show EVERYONE how it is done. Well if that shit spreads, hey... guess what. NO ONE WILL CARE ABOUT THE TRICK.

Dan said...

Excuse me, Nostromo, I fail to see how, so do explain. Thought I doubt that the views of a NONMAGICIAN such as yourself will matter to me at all. Regardless, do amuse me, how does trying to preserve this art make me gay?
And lestat, I agree with you, people who reveal tricks like this are doing so because they can’t put on a good enough performance to amaze an audience.

Nathaniel Tapley said...

For those who find themselves angered by this page, I wonder how much time they spend protesting outside magic shops. Clearly, it's not the revelation of secrets that irritates them so, it's the fact that it's free. It's an odd attitude that a pastime that costs nothing to perform should only be open to those able to pay for magic books and tuition.

I can only conclude that these posters are people who make their livelihoods from selling magic tricks, rather than people involved in it for the love of it.

Even so, their reaction is kind of short-sighted. If this post gets more people involved in performing magic, that can only be good for the industry, as new minds and new effects are brought to it.

dylan said...

To all of the people who bitch and bitch about exposure you need to realize one simple thing. Even if someone knows how a trick is done you don't know when or where to expect it.

If your patter is good enough you should be able to entertain anyone even if they know all of your tricks.

Since most good card tricks in someway involve the double lift. However if you are good enough at doing it and can make people believe in what you tell them you are doing then you will have no problem.

Also, how is magic supposed to move pass the sad state of heavily gimmicked tricks to get back to the pure sleight of hand.

Oh also I am a professional entertainer who regularly use a few of these tricks in my act and I hate paying to learn magic.

Anonymous said...

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khushnood said...

here is
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Rene said...

very nice magic tricks. =) ill try that at home. hehehe

Rene said...

very nice site...

Joffrey said...

Another really simple trick here - with a ring and a chain :
- Magic Ring Explained

Daniel said...

Oh come on. Some of you "magicians" need to check out Penn and Teller, and their views on magic.

My paraphrased, personalized version is "everyone with any sense and intelligence knows that it's a 'trick', and there's no harm in them knowing how it's done because if you do it well, it's still amazing".

A few card tricks posted to a website and you go nuts? Good grief. (And it might be new, and neat looking, but the self-tying shoelace trick was extremely obvious. Even to this 'non-magician'.

subhajitandshrabani said...

I think this is a gr8 collection of tutorials that even a beginner can understand and start performing

Hope said...

Hey, great,finally magic video tutorials so we can actually understand how its done. Making a link to your post at my

Laffy Taffy said...

Thanks a lot. That guy with the phonebook must not like trees though. baby yeah!

Cartess said...

Great trick.

How to Do Magic Tricks


annerose said...

These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.

eliteskillsdotcom said...

This guy link jacked you with 3000+ diggs

Anonymous said...

I just love card tricks. Another good site is

aloha :)

Anonymous said...

Guess what,I made a video recently revealing how Criss Angel walk through glass,I would really love to see it on your site.


The Amazing Gordo said...

That which is given away has no value.

I EARNED all my magic. I sought out teachers, paid for lessons, bought books and DVDs, purchased props and tricks, and practiced my butt off. When they give away magic secrets to the lay public, it devalues everything that you and I, as real magicians who are respectful to our art, have ever done.

Before any of you even try to justify these exposures, get a copy of the book Night Rides by Charles Beaumont. In it there is a story called "The Magic Man." It is about an old magician who has performed on the same circuit for years. His audiences love, respect, revere and even fear him. His audiences made him rich and famous, so he decides that that he owes them so much that he is going to tell them how all his tricks work as a reward.

When he reveals the secrets, they hate him for it.

They are so disappointed that they shun him. Once the mystery is gone, so is the respect, the love, the fear and everything else. And worse, he lost everything as a result, and is now just another broken down old man.

Exposure ruins the effect for the audience. It makes the effect worthless, and even worse; makes the audience feel stupid.

Why destroy the wonder of magic? Why do harm to the art, and it's legitimate practioners?

Why take food out of the mouths of real magicians and their families? And the people who write magic books, stores that sell magic props and supplies, why cause them hardship?

If you pay for a trick or a magic book, then you deserve what you get from it. You EARNED it!

Nothing in life is free! Well, nothing that's any good, at least.

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